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Artist's statement

I am scenographer and plastic artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a city full of visual excitements. I have always felt the need of expressing myself through drawings and paintings. In painting, I found the possibility of traveling, feeling and experimenting places in which emotions are naked and danger doesn’t touch me.


My paintings have a magical quality: they invite you to live your own adventure, to experiment your own feelings, to be seduced by the shapes, amused by the rhythms, impressed by the colors, leaving you to be stunned by the incredible beauty and force of nature.


My creations start with a nurturing process in which visual references, memories, souvenirs from different places I have visited – some of them in my dreams – trigger an interior discovery, a deep search across the veils of my brain, awakening spiritual feelings and body sensations, to complete a rich symphony of images. Later, I drop the results in several sketches, playing with colors like a child without boundaries; letting my hands be controlled by instinct, trying to reach that place that emerges slowly but firm in my paper, changing, adjusting, bending the laws of reality. This searching process will be completed in the canvas with the objective of inviting you, the viewer, not just to have a glimpse of my soul but a reflection of your own.

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